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Ebe is a rounded section vase that comes in two sizes. The undulatory movement of its vertical figure creates delicate curves that apply to its long and simple conic shape creating a beautiful balance between the verticality of the shape and the soft curved horizontal elements. This vase is ideal for all kind of interior and exterior plants. It is available in three hues.

Code diameter/cm height/cm kg
TC413 070/T 39 68 22
TC413 070/E 39 68 22
TC413 070/V 39 68 22
TC413 080/T 50 79 39
TC413 080/E 50 79 39
TC413 080/V 50 79 39

Avaible hues:

terracotta-sml terra-etrusca-sml vinaccia-sml
Clay Etruscan Marc
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h 68 Terracotta, h 68 Etrusca, h 68 Vinaccia, h 79 Terracotta, h 79 Etrusca, h 79 Vinaccia

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