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Jonio is a rounded section vase and it comes in two formats both with the same section but different heights. The inspiration comes from the rocchi of ancient Greek and Roman temples that give the vase a classic and antique feeling while the grooves create a unique light and shadow effect that makes the structure dynamic through the day. It best combines with falling plants but it adapts well to trunk plants too.
It is available in various different terracotta finishings and two enameled hues.

Code diameter/cm height/cm kg
TC411 050/T 38,5 50 30
TC411 050/E 38,5 50 30
TC411 085/T 38,5 85 48
TC411 085/E 38,5 85 48

Avaible hues:

terracotta-sml terra-etrusca-sml
Clay Etruscan
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h 50 Terracotta, h 50 Etrusca, h 85 Terracotta, h 85 Etrusca

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