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The Egeo vase comes in various sizes and has a rectangular base and two semicircle on the short side. The narrow and prolonged volume, along with its peculiar decoration, emphasize the unusual horizontal shape of this vase. The decoration, coming from a free interpretation of ancient Greek moulding curves, helps softening the squared structure of the shape. This vase is recommended for walls of great dimensions as it confers them movement and character, to accentuate depth in alleyways or to host colored and cheerful plants sequences.
The vase is available in two different enameled hues and three different terracotta finishings.

Code length/cm depth/cm height/cm kg
TC409 050/S 54 43 52 47
TC409 070/S 68 47 68 73
TC409 080/S  80 44 52 73
 TC409 100/S  102 49 68  113

Avaible hues:

smalto-bianco smalto-nero
White Black
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54×43 Smaltato Bianco, 54×43 Smaltato Nero, 68×47 Smaltato Bianco, 68×47 Smaltato Nero, 80×44 Smaltato Bianco, 80×44 Smaltato Nero, 102×49 Smaltato Bianco, 102×49 Smaltato Nero

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