Laboratorio S.Rocco

The history of the S. Rocco Laboratory begins in 1959; ever since, the respect of the artisan tradition of terracotta from Tuscany and of Val di Chiana has met with constant research of innovation and experimentation. Our products are handmade using Galestro Colorobbia®, an organic high quality raw material from Italy, a guarantee of excellence in itself. Over the last fifty years of the company life, creativity has always been the center of the scene.

The century-old tradition of terracotta processing, represents the roots of our work and permeates the genesis of our products. Every creation is a unique object, the result of a process where man’s hand is the only true key to creating absolute quality from the raw material, giving rise to objects that exemplify in every detail the essence and harmony of Italian territory.


Creativity and Design

The creations of our traditional collections tell about centuries of history and craftsmanship. At the same time, discovering innovative and experimental lines and forms is our constant goal which takes shape in our Contemporary series. In this regard, ours is a real laboratory where the skill of our artisans is always ready to walk unexplored trails, in collaboration with designers and architects to marry new forms and new functions.