Aggiornamento Catalogo Laboratorio San Rocco 2019

Catalogue update 2019

Waiting for the official release of the new general catalogue, we make available the updating pdf containing some news presented during the fair My Plant 2019.


Terre Colorate

Since its inception in 1959, Laboratorio S. Rocco has chosen to inspire its creative activity of vases and pottery to the centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship of the Val di Chiana.
The products are shaped by hand following the ancient processing techniques of the raw material, the GALESTRO COLOROBBIA ®, full of organic qualities and the essence of the Tuscan land and guarantee of strength and durability.


Terre Toscane

Since 1985 our terracotta production has been inspired by the artisan tradition that has characterized for centuries the corner of Tuscany where we operate, without neglecting the needs of the market and the evolution of tastes. Our goal is to combine tradition in the choice of materials and the preservation of ancient production processes, with an innovation that continually seeks new forms and new styles to best meet the new demands. Our products are made entirely by hand according to the Tuscan artisan tradition, with the raw material of our area.


I Torrini

The products of the I TORRINI® line are extremely accurate in every detail, in all phases of production, starting from the design and choice of materials. Production is limited because it is entrusted only to our best craftsmen. I TORRINI®, registered trademark of Terrecotte S. Rocco, is a line of high quality products, but it is also part of a wider project in the field of environmental sustainability, to which they give their contribution professionals with different skills.


Company Profile

From the choice of raw materials, first quality, to the final stages of processing, production remains firmly linked to the territory. The soul and beauty of the Italian territory are reflected in the products of Laboratorio S.Rocco, filling them with the charm and refinement that have distinguished our land for centuries.