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From €1.95
Small terracotta feet barely 2 cm high, ideal as a floor stand for vases of any shape without the aesthetics and proportions of the vase being affected. 
Terracotta Pots

Cassetta Foglie

From €78.00
Cassetta Foglie maintains a balanced ratio between the three dimensions of the parallelepiped in all seven versions in which it is available, with a long side between 52 cm of the smallest and 100 cm of the largest. 
Terracotta Pots

Pilone Foglie

From €173.00
Pilone Foglie is an elegant terracotta vase ideal for hosting shrubs or small trees and which, in pairs or in parallel rows, can decorate a walkway or a path. 
Terracotta Pots

Vaso Doppio Bordo

From €52.00
Available in eight sizes, Vaso Doppio Bordo is a handmade terracotta vase with a simple but not obvious design. 
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Cilindro Foglie

From €50.00
Cilindro Foglie is an earthenware vase without flaring which, as the name implies, has a cylindrical stem that ends at the base with a slightly raised band of cornice. 
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From €111.00
Iris is a handcrafted multiformat vase with a round base, medium to small size. As high as it is wide, Iris descends almost vertically for a first stretch and then flares sharply and linearly to the base. 
Terracotta Pots


From €110.00
Dafne is a rounded section vase that comes in various sizes. Its classic shape is enriched by a sequence of grooves that lighten the structure creating a delicate effects of light and shadow that beautifully combine with the natural form of the plants. It is available in three hues.
From €223.00
Jonio is a handcrafted vase with a round section and a perfectly cylindrical development, provided in two sizes with the same diameter but different height. 
Terracotta Pots


From €256.00
Lepos has a rectangular section and comes in just one size. It is relatively tall and not too deep and it is ideal to solve spatial problems. Lepos is a great furniture element designed with a strong material look. It is perfect to hold a plant or a sequence of plants. It is available in two hues.
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€1.00 - €256.00


Height (Cm)

2 Cm - 95 Cm

Diameter (Cm)

30 Cm - 110 Cm

Width (Cm)

6 Cm - 100 Cm

Width (Cm)

6 Cm - 77 Cm
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