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Vaso Doppio Bordo

From €52.00
Available in eight sizes, Vaso Doppio Bordo is a handmade terracotta vase with a simple but not obvious design. 
Terracotta Pots

Cilindro Liscio

From €69.00
Cilindro Liscio is a terracotta vase without countersink which, among the pieces in our catalogue, has always been very successful. 
Terracotta Pots

Cilindro Foglie

From €50.00
Cilindro Foglie is an earthenware vase without flaring which, as the name implies, has a cylindrical stem that ends at the base with a slightly raised band of cornice. 
Terracotta Pots

Vaso Ottagonale

From €158.00
A handmade terracotta vase with a characteristic octagonal shape that makes it an original and valuable garden accessory.
From €223.00
Jonio is a handcrafted vase with a round section and a perfectly cylindrical development, provided in two sizes with the same diameter but different height. 
Terracotta Pots

Ciotola Sfera Liscia

From €52.00
The main characteristic of this terracotta bowl is its narrow base which, in fact, makes it a hemisphere. In all three available sizes, therefore, the width of the bowl is twice its height. 
Terracotta Pots

Cassetta Foglie

From €78.00
Cassetta Foglie maintains a balanced ratio between the three dimensions of the parallelepiped in all seven versions in which it is available, with a long side between 52 cm of the smallest and 100 cm of the largest. 
Terracotta Pots

Cassetta Festonata Atlas

From €72.00
This terracotta box is ideal to house rows of green shrubs, so as to create modular vegetable curtains that can be repositioned as needed, for example to surround patios, dehors or portions of the garden.
Terracotta Pots


From €110.00
Dafne is a rounded section vase that comes in various sizes. Its classic shape is enriched by a sequence of grooves that lighten the structure creating a delicate effects of light and shadow that beautifully combine with the natural form of the plants. It is available in three hues.
Terracotta Pots


From €82.00
Kato is a round base multiformat vase available in six sizes, from just 37 cm in diameter up to a good 135 cm. 
Terracotta Pots

Campana Classica

From €498.00
Campana Classica is a terracotta vase available in three sizes, from 60 cm up to 105 cm in diameter.
Terracotta Pots

Ciotola Ottagonale

From €84.00
The octagonal shape of this original handmade terracotta vase makes it a garden accessory that deserves to be placed in a highly visible position. 
Terracotta Pots

Cassetta Liscia

From €78.00
A terracotta box ideal for creating modular green curtains that can be repositioned as needed, for example to enclose portions of garden, patios or dehors. Cassetta Liscia maintains a balanced ratio between the three dimensions of the parallelepiped in all seven versions in which it is available, with widths that range from 52 cm to 100 cm.
Terracotta Pots

Vaso Imprunetino

From €201.00
Wider than tall, this handmade terracotta vase has a large mouth designed to hold shrubs or saplings, such as citrus fruits or other plants that fear the cold and that in the colder months should be sheltered. 

Piede Angolare

From €40.00
Corner foot is a lion's paw terracotta foot designed to be placed at each corner of a quadrangular-based vase. 
Terracotta Pots

Campana Foglie

From €498.00
Campana Foglie is a handmade terracotta vase with a classic bell shape that has a slightly rounded flared profile. Under the rim there is a low band decorated with a vegetal motif: the acanthus leaves stylized by Laboratorio San Rocco in its first years of activity. 
Terracotta Pots

Cassetta Balcone Liscia

From €101.00
A low and wide box, not very capacious and therefore not very heavy and not cumbersome, designed for the green furnishing of balconies, balconies, sills, parapets or walls. Handmade and available in five widths, from 65 cm to 105 cm, Cassetta Balcone Liscia keeps the other dimensions unchanged: 25 cm high and 22 cm deep. 
Terracotta Pots


From €111.00
Iris is a handcrafted multiformat vase with a round base, medium to small size. As high as it is wide, Iris descends almost vertically for a first stretch and then flares sharply and linearly to the base. 
Terracotta Pots


From €63.00
Kito is a cubic-shaped vase, available in six different sizes, ranging from small to large. An extremely interesting contemporary reinterpretation of the concept of a vase, with its perfect geometry it is a quest for the true essence of form. It is available in three different hues.
Terracotta Pots

Cassetta Liscia Atlas

From €69.00
Cassetta Liscia Atlas is a rectangular terracotta vase, perfect to house rows of green shrubs and thus create modular vegetable curtains that can be repositioned as needed. Once planted the plants can, in modular rows, surround patios, dehors or portions of garden. 
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€40.00 - €498.00


Height (Cm)

14 Cm - 115 Cm

Diameter (Cm)

30 Cm - 138 Cm

Width (Cm)

13 Cm - 100 Cm

Width (Cm)

17 Cm - 88 Cm
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