Lifting the pot off the ground is important both for the health of the plants planted and for the preservation of the container itself over time. Since it is not in contact with the soil, the hole provided for the drainage of excess water is not likely to be blocked; in addition, a pot that is not in contact with soil moisture is a pot that will last longer because it is not likely to freeze in winter. For this reason we produce feet for vases of any shape and size, from the most classic lion's paw feet to the most discreet supports able to disappear under the vase, detached from the ground by just a couple of centimetres. These accessories are able to harmonize with the aesthetics of the vase to which they are combined, sometimes exalting it as a sort of necessary completion, other times without conditioning it at all.


Piede Grande

From €48.00
Piede Grande is a handmade terracotta vase stand, 14 cm high in all. 

Piede Piccolo

From €40.00
A small terracotta foot designed to raise round or quadrangular vases of about 7 cm from the ground.

Piede Angolare

From €40.00
Corner foot is a lion's paw terracotta foot designed to be placed at each corner of a quadrangular-based vase. 
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€1.00 - €48.00


Height (Cm)

2 Cm - 15 Cm

Width (Cm)

6 Cm - 15 Cm

Width (Cm)

6 Cm - 23 Cm
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