Furnishing complements

Furnishing complements
Furnishing complements


TC 317
From €351.00
Argo is a medium-sized vase, featuring square bases. Perfect as both indoor/outdoor furnishing element, it is a simple and versatile accessory.
Furnishing complements


TC 322
From €122.00
Sako is a spherical furnishing accessory, available in five different sizes ranging from small to large. It can be used as a decorative element to create suggestive contemporary compositions. It is available in four different hues.
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€122.00 - €3,050.00


Height (Cm)

60 Cm - 137 Cm

Diameter (Cm)

15 Cm - 140 Cm

Width (Cm)

25 Cm - 65 Cm

Width (Cm)

17 Cm - 38 Cm
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