Furnishing complements

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Furnishing complements

Laboratorio San Rocco is not only synonymous with superior quality terracotta vases. Various handcrafted furnishing accessories complete the green spaces with refined touches of elegance and uniqueness. From the wall fountain to the column with capital, from the pinecone to the brazier, passing through Dolium, a jar of exceptional proportions: unique handmade pieces that furnish and decorate the garden, the porch, the entrance, the living room or the poolside. Behind each piece there is a historical investigation that, going back in time, is linked to a precise tradition, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. All our terracotta furnishing accessories are handmade using artisan techniques; the Galestro Colorobbia® of which they are made is a blend of fine Italian clay that is resistant and frosty, with appreciated tactile and visual qualities.

Furnishing complements


IT 140
From €3,050.00
Dolium is a terracotta container of almost spherical shape, 120 cm high and 140 cm wide. 
Furnishing complements


IT 009
From €459.00
Focus is a terracotta brazier in the shape of a cup, complete with lid. Elegantly decorated, on the bottom of the cup there is a basket of large leaves and, at mouth level, two opposing female faces. 
Furnishing complements

Fontana Leo

T 407
From €386.00
A terracotta fountain designed to be applied to the wall, composed of three pieces: column, basin and pediment, to protect the wall from splashes. 
Furnishing complements


TC 317
From €351.00
Argo is a square-based terracotta column, 80 cm high. The calibrated proportions of the volume make it a simple and versatile furnishing element for interiors and exteriors. 
Furnishing complements


IT 033
From €305.00
Pigna is a 74 cm high terracotta ornament that makes a unique piece with a square base. 
Furnishing complements

Colonna Con Capitello

T 727
From €267.00
Available in two sizes (77 cm or 103 cm high), this terracotta column is a sophisticated furnishing accessory that can be placed both indoors and outdoors. 
Furnishing complements

Fontana Muro Piccola

From €137.00
A shield-shaped pediment with a small semi-circular shell-shaped basin and a floral rosette framing the tap hole (not included). 
Furnishing complements


TC 322
From €122.00
Sako is a spherical furnishing accessory available in 5 sizes, from 15 cm to 50 cm in diameter. 
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€122.00 - €3,050.00


Height (Cm)

60 Cm - 137 Cm

Diameter (Cm)

15 Cm - 140 Cm

Width (Cm)

25 Cm - 65 Cm

Width (Cm)

17 Cm - 38 Cm
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